cheap ray-ban new wayfarer

One perk that always seems to come in abundance is the opportunity to review sunglasses. Don’t ask me why this is such a fruitful PR gift, but I cannot even tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I’ve been sent to feature over the years!
The other week, I was approached by a company that, I won’t name and shame, cheap ray-ban new wayfarer but will give a pseudonym to. I will refer to them as ‘StupidBuySpectacles’ throughout, but think of the opposite of two of those words and you have our sunglasses retailer….
Anyway, StupidBuySpectacles offered me the opportunity to review some sunglasses. As usual, I went straight to the Ray-Ban section and chose some Wayfarers. I have 2 pairs of Ray-Ban’s, but didn’t actually have these ‘cult classic’ ones. About two weeks past and they came in the post… in a box… from China.
On the box there was a shipping label that said ‘Value GBP 14.00’. Not wanting to judge too soon, I opened the box and found my ‘Ray-Bans’ inside. 
As soon as I opened them I could tell they were fake. However, someone who hadn’t had Ray-Ban’s before wouldn’t have been able to spot this faux pas so easily. I questioned the authenticity with StupidBuySpectacles and they demanded I sent them back, with a shipping label I had to print myself. I don’t have a printer, so told them this and they stopped replying to me.
Fortunately, I was also approached last week by a reputable sunglasses retailer, Watchshop. Who actually sent me the sunglasses originally requested from StupidBuySpectacles – BUT THIS TIME REAL ONES.
Place the glasses down with their arms folded and see how they are positioned. The authentic ones will lay pretty flat with the lenses facing upwards. The fake ones will be more forward facing, as shown on the picture.
Ray-Ban sunglasses are made in Italy and the quality of authentic ones reflect that. Chances are, if you think they might be fake, the probably are! Considering you’re paying over £100 for certain pairs, it’s always worth checking out reviews and buying from reputable retailers, such as Watchshop.
Upon googling ‘StupidBuySpectacles’ (by their real name) I have found thousands of people complaining about their fake sunglasses. They have no qualms swapping them when this issue is raised, but it really angers me the amount of people who have spent so cheap ray-ban sunglasses much on fake sunglasses from China that have gone unnoticed.


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